Beef Shoulder Blade

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Beef Shoulder Blade

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Recreational bones play several roles in your dog’s diet: in addition to providing pleasure and promoting well-being, they also help keep their teeth clean by reducing tartar. Bones are tasty, stimulating, and entertaining treats for your canine companion. Our beef shoulder blade is recommended for large dogs. Easy to digest, this fleshy bone is a great way to satisfy their urge to chew while ensuring their health and safety.

Pick the right bone

Dogs have a strong instinct to chew and gnaw, especially while teething. Give them the best bone possible! We recommend resistant products that last longer without hurting your pet’s gums. We like fleshy bones. Make sure the bone is larger than your dog’s jaw to prevent him from swallowing it whole.

Handling guidelines

Recreational bones are raw and their proper handling is essential. Store them in the freezer and take them out one at a time, a few minutes before use. Refrigerate the bone after use if your dog has not finished it. A bone should never be left at room temperature for several days. As it dries, it could become brittle and dangerous for your dog.

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