Raw Karnivor food for dogs - Chicken


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Small Portions, 8 lbs.

The perfect formula for moderately active dogs. Tasty and nutritious, this chicken meal helps keep your pet at a healthy weight and feeling full. Its organic Jerusalem artichokes facilitate digestion. A great option when you return from your walk to the park!

The medallions in the 8-lb. box are small and well suited for small dogs.

Also available in a 12-lb. bag and 24-lb. bulk box.



Chicken, Chicken neck, Turkey neck, Beef heart, Beef liver, Cranberry, Alfalfa, Dried apple pulp, Brewer’s yeast, Sunflower oil, Organic oat bran, Dehydrated ground carrot, Fish oil, Dehydrated ground red beet, Sea salt, Kelp, Probiotic (bacilli and lactobacilli sp.), Flax, Choline chloride (vitamin B complex), Dehydrated ground Jerusalem artichoke, Iron proteinate, Zinc proteinate, Vitamin E supplement, Manganese proteinate, Selenium and amino acid chelate.




Muscle Meat

Ground bone

Organ Meat

Guaranteed analysis

Calories 83 / medallion of 60 g
Protein Min 15%
Crude fat Min 9%
Crude fiber Max 2%
Moisture Max 66%
Ca/P Ratio 1.31:1

Formulated to meet the AAFCO and NRC dog food nutritional profiles for growing puppies and for adult dogs.


Suggested daily portion

Dog’s weight Daily portion
5 lbs. / 2,3 kg
1 medallion
10 lbs. / 4,5 kg
2 medallions
15 lbs. / 6,8 kg
3 medallions
20 lbs. / 9,1 kg
4 medallions
25 lbs. / 11,3 kg
5 medallions
30 lbs. / 13,6 kg
6 medallions
40 lbs. / 18,1 kg
8 medallions
50 lbs. / 22,7 kg
10 medallions

For puppies, double the portion until they are 1 year old.
Adapt the suggested daily portion to your dog’s age and level of physical activity.

Handling guidelines

Thaw in the fridge in an airtight container. Once thawed, a portion can stay refrigerated up to 3 days. Don’t leave thawed medallions at room temperature for more than 15 minutes.

Wash your hands after handling the food and clean all surfaces, utensils, and bowls that may have been in contact with the raw meat.

Transition to raw food

  1. Skip 1 or 2 meals to allow your dog’s digestive system to rid itself of its previous diet. Skip this step for puppies.
  2. Add 1/2 cup of hot water to each meal for a week to ease the transition.
  3. Once your animal has adapted to their new diet, stop adding water and simply serve raw.
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