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5 idyllic places to take your dog for a weekend getaway this winter

Winter is our favourite season to leave for a weekend escape in the mountains. It’s what we need to unwind. The snow and cold weather make us want nothing more than to seek a cozy refuge and wrap ourselves in warm blankets. So we came up with this list of 5 fantastic, dog-friendly spots where you and your four-legged pal can spend a weekend.

THE zen house

Lac-Supérieur (Morin-Heights)

A fan favourite among travellers looking to rest and recharge. The Zen House is a contemporary and refined chalet in the heart of nature, located right on Lac-Supérieur. Equipped with an indoor fireplace and an outdoor spa, warm up how you dreamed you would after a gorgeous snowy hike.


La Conception (Mont-Tremblant)

Fans of nature and architecture will be in awe. The Hinter Cabin offers a restful sanctuary overlooking the mountains of Mont-Tremblant. Inspired by simplicity and the great outdoors, the Hinter Cabin has been designed to reconnect its guests with nature and to optimize their wellbeing. Bring your dog here for a truly rejuvenating weekend.

LA STATION du chêne rouge

Eastern Townships

Designed with lovers of simplicity and camping in mind. Located in the Eastern Townships, the Station du Chêne Rouge offers unusual accommodations to recharge your batteries in nature. You may be put up in a pod, a rectangle, a triangle, or a bubble—each more heartwarming than the last. The reserve offers a place for fauna, flora, and walkers to coexist. A little piece of paradise for you and your dog!

WOLM Cabin

La Conception (Mont-Tremblant)

A magnificent modern cabin adorned with large windows, nestled in the heart of the Laurentian forest. A few minutes from downtown Tremblant, the WOLM Cabin offers a breathtaking view of Mont-Tremblant. An adorable, luxurious escape for anyone who needs some time in nature to recharge their batteries.

Le vertendre

Eastman (Estrie)

Do you like to challenge yourself? Even on vacation? Then the Vertendre Zooboxes are just the thing for you! These Zooboxes are contemporary open concept lofts that are totally self-sufficient. You’ll have to create your own electricity with the help of a wheel and a bicycle. If nothing else, the Zooboxes are unique, and they should be experienced at least once.

Have any of these spots piqued your interest? Tell us more about your next dream weekend destination in the comments!

10 fall hikes for you and your dog

For many, fall is synonymous with hiking in the great outdoors! Nothing beats cool weather dog walks. So we came up with a list of beautiful hikes for you and your dog, right here in Quebec.

Remembering the essentials before your hike

First and foremost, our Horse & Rabbit recipe will fill your dog with energy for their big, fun-filled day. It’s easy to digest and packed with fruits and vegetables.

To make your life easier, we’ve listed a few things to bring with you on your dog hike:

  • Collapsible bowl
  • Water bottle
  • Treats (we love Petit Muso’s Chicken Hearts)
  • Leash, harness, and collar
  • Poop bags
  • Moist towelettes
  • Dry towel
  • Tick repellent

Download this list to make sure you don’t forget anything next time you head out!

Where to hike with your dog



To sneak in a day in nature, Bromont’s your best bet. Once at the top, you’ll find plenty of dog-friendly restaurants and cafes so you can catch your breath and enjoy the panoramic view.
Number of trails in Bromont: 9 (140 km of trails in total)
Difficulty level: Easy to Intermediate

Mont Saint-Bruno

A perfect spot for those who enjoy mellower hikes. You’ll have the chance to look at several magnificent houses on the way up.
Number of trails: 6 (27 km of trails in total)
Difficulty level: Easy

Mont Pinacle

For a mountain with a panoramic view, Mont Pinacle delivers the goods! It’s a short trail, but the views don’t disappoint.
Number of trails: 1 (4.3 km)
Difficulty level: Easy

Mont Orford

Definitely visit Mont Orford if you’re looking for the perfect Insta-worthy shot! The colours, sights, and trails are absolutely stunning.
Number of trails: 8 (over 80 km of trails in total)
Difficulty level: Easy to Difficult

Mont Mégantic

The Observatory sector has over 20 km of trails. It also has two exceptional panoramic views, one at the top of Mont Mégantic and the other at the top of Mont Saint-Joseph.
Number of trails: 4 (20 km of trails in total)
Difficulty level: Easy to Difficult


Parc ECO Laurentides (CTEL)

The hidden treasure of the Laurentians! Take the panoramic path for a breathtaking view of Lac du Cordon.
Number of trails: 10 (30 km of trails in total)
Difficulty level: Easy to Difficult


See the fall colours and enjoy a delicious meal all in one place. Mont Tremblant is well known for its small restaurants and enchanting fall foliage.
Number of trails: 11 (11 km of trails in total)
Difficulty level: Easy to Difficult


Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier

Beloved amongst hiking enthusiasts, the Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier has tons of trails, each view more spectacular than the last.
Number of trails: 13 (over 100 km of trails in total)
Difficulty level: Easy to Difficult

Sentier Bras-du-Nord

Find the trail that matches your ability level. Plus, the fall views are sublime!
Number of trails: 9 (over 80 km of trails in total)
Difficulty level: Easy to Difficult


Parc du Mont-Royal

Obviously, we can’t mention Montréal without mentioning Mont Royal. It’s the perfect park for just about everyone—runners, walkers, dog walkers… And it’s free.
Number of trails: 1 (10 km)
Difficulty level: Easy

Remembering the essentials after your hike

Get your dog back up to speed with our reinvigorating Beef recipe. It’s heavy in calories and especially yummy after a big hike. Beef helps your dog preserve a healthy muscle mass and maintain an ideal weight. At the very least, your four-legged pal won’t leave any food behind. Find a store near you.

Our favorite recipes for hiking




Discover our recipes

Tell us in the comments what hikes you have your sights set on.