Natural calf hooves (x4)

Bones & Supplements - Natural calf hooves (x4)

Natural calf hooves (x4)

6.99 $

Karnivor’s fresh frozen calf hooves are 100% natural and recommended to meet dogs’ chewing needs. They will keep your dog entertained while cleaning their teeth and removing plaque.

Calf hooves are also high in protein and very low in fat, which makes them an attractive nutritional supplement, especially for overweight dogs.

Our hooves are sold raw and frozen, which gives them a more tender and less brittle consistency. So, they can be chewed at length and risk-free!

Pick the right bone

Dogs have a strong instinct to chew and gnaw, especially while teething. Give them the best bone possible! We recommend resistant products that last longer without hurting your pet’s gums. Make sure the bone is larger than your dog’s jaw to prevent him from swallowing it whole.

Handling guidelines

Hooves give off a somewhat strong natural farm smell that our canine companions really appreciate. Therefore, we recommend using them outside or airing out the room for your comfort.

Like recreational bones, hooves should be kept in the freezer at all times and taken out one at a time, a few minutes before use. They can also be refrozen if your dog has not finished one. Give under supervision. Discard any fragments.

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