Frozen quail eggs (x30)

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Frozen quail eggs (x30)

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Quail eggs are a tasty addition to a complete and balanced diet that offers multiple benefits to your best friend’s overall health, plus they’re fun to chew on.

The benefits of quail egg come from the superior quality of its protein, the very low cholesterol level and its high concentration of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals in proportion to its volume.

Among other things, they boost the immune system, improve skin health, make the coat visibly silkier and help prevent allergies.

Quail eggs can be served thawed or frozen, whole or broken – as an addition to a daily meal or as a high-protein treat. Boost your companion’s adventures with this multi-benefit food!


whole quail egg

Handling guide

At home, it is important to always store quail eggs in the freezer. Do not forget to take them out a few minutes before offering them to your companion.

As with any food, it is important to introduce quail eggs gradually into your pet’s diet. This will allow him to slowly adapt his intestinal flora.

Start by adding quail eggs to your pet’s diet as a supplement or healthy treat once a week, then gradually increase if all goes well.

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