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Quail Eggs for Dogs: A Great Addition to Their Diet!

Like any dog parent, you’re probably concerned about your dog’s well-being and want to give them the right food supplements to meet their physiological needs and maximize their health. 

Did you know that quail eggs have been shown to positively impact many health problems among humans, as well as dogs? Quail eggs are packed with nutrients: essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. You can give it to your dog as a treat or add it to their daily diet as a supplement. 

Health Benefits of Quail for Dogs 

Adding quail eggs to your dog’s diet offers many overall health benefits. They’re low in cholesterol and contain high levels of vitamins and minerals relative to their volume.

Overall Health

Compared to chicken eggs, quail eggs are 5 times smaller and contain 5 times more phosphorus, 7.5 times more iron, 6 times more B1 vitamins and 15 times more B2 vitamins. They stimulate growth, replenish the body, improve brain capacity, fight stress, obesity, various forms of allergies, high blood pressure, liver and kidney diseases. Quail eggs are also effective in fighting age-related macular degeneration, improving eyesight, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and kidney disorders. 

Improved Eyesight

The lutein content in quail eggs helps keep our furry companions’ eyes healthy and reduce the risk of certain conditions like cataracts.

Silky Coat and Healthy Skin

Quail eggs are high in fatty acids, selenium, iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin A, which gives your pet a visibly silkier coat. Moreover, the egg yolk helps prevent certain skin diseases and improves the look of their skin. 

Oral Health

Quail eggshells are an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus, which are beneficial to your pet’s dental and bone health. 


Given that chicken allergy is one of the most common intolerances affecting our canine friends, quail egg is the ideal alternative for dogs who are allergic to chicken eggs. 

How to Give Your Dog Quail Eggs

Like with any new food, you should introduce quail eggs gradually into your pet’s diet. This way, your pet’s intestinal flora will adapt more easily.

Start by adding shelled or peeled quail eggs to your pet’s dish as a supplement or healthy treat once a week, then increase progressively. 

Then use the following quantities:

  • Small- or medium-sized puppy: 1 egg/day
  • Large puppy: 1 or 2 eggs/day
  • Small or medium breed adult dog: 1 or 2 eggs/day
  • Large breed adult dog: 2 or 3 eggs/day

Quail eggs make a tasty addition to a complete and balanced diet and provide multiple benefits to your best friend’s overall health, as well as different textures to their meal. Feel free to contact our Canine & Feline Support if you have any questions about quail eggs.