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Karnivor Frozen Calf Hooves – Benefits and Ways to Treat Your Dog!

It’s no secret that dogs need to chew on a daily basis.  Why not give them the best? Karnivor’s fresh frozen calf hooves are 100% natural and are recommended to fulfill our canine companions’ chewing needs and keep them entertained while cleaning and reducing plaque build-up on their teeth. 

In this post, find out how calf hooves can benefit your dog!

Meets Chewing Needs

Chewing sessions are physically demanding for your dog, helping to strengthen their neck muscles and reinforce their spine. Giving your dog a hoof is a great way to satisfy your best friend’s chewing needs. 

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Did you know? Chewing activity provides your pet with entertainment and a sense of well-being that greatly reduces stress. Hooves not only effectively fight boredom but they can prevent the onset of boredom and stress-related behavioural problems, like destroying objects/furniture, by allowing your pet to expend energy with a natural, healthy and safe toy. 

Improves Oral Health

Calf hooves are softer when frozen than when cooked or dried, which helps clean teeth and reduce plaque, without damaging your dog’s gums. Whether your dog is on a natural diet or not, hooves are an excellent addition to your dog’s feeding routine to ensure good oral health.  

For Nice Skin and a Silky Coat 

Packed with keratin protein, calf hooves are an effective way to promote healthy skin and hair. You’ll notice your dog has a silkier coat and fewer skin problems, resulting in healthier skin. 

Perfect for Overweight Dogs

Calf hooves are the perfect recreational bone for slightly overweight dogs, since they contain mostly protein and very little fat. 

How to Give the Hoof

You can give it on its own or to stuff it with a medallion of your favourite Karnivor recipe for a more intense and rewarding playtime that doubles as snack time. 

Some Safety Rules 

Our hooves are sold raw and frozen, which makes them softer and less brittle. They can therefore be chewed risk-free for a long time! It’s still important to supervise your dog’s chewing sessions and to remove any fragments that may be left behind. If your dog hasn’t finished the hoof after the session, you can put it back in the freezer in an airtight bag and give it back to him another time. 

Lastly, whether for entertainment, relaxation or to improve overall dental and oral health, hooves are an excellent addition to your pet’s daily diet. 

Feel free to contact our canine and feline support via [email protected] or 1-888-855-9622 with any questions about our 100% natural raw calf hooves!